Anonymous asked:

Selena clearly said that she doesnt feel well with her latest instagram post and With her deposition today and justin goes ahead and posts a picture and it's always like his fans start drama and hate towards Selena and she has already enough shit and :((((

obsessedwithjustinandselena answered:

I wouldn’t blame Justin for his delusional 14 year old fans, which isn’t all of them! She’s dealing with a lot and it’s not fair but she just needs to get through it. 



pattiemallette: So funny! Couldn’t find Poo Bear’s shoe size anywhere in Japan… Until @JustinBieber found it for him.


adoreyou-justin asked:

Can you give some examples on how they do? Because from what I see on tumblr, twitter & instagram its usually the other way around ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

selbizzle answered:

Like they always say oh selena isn’t as good as she says she is, Miley’s real and Selena’s not. when the fact is that selena is just a really private person while miley likes to spill everything.Oh selena smokes why aren’t people judging her like they do miley? Selena is boring, Miley’s so fun bla bla oh Selena’s album didn’t sell as well as Miley’s… When the fact is that that was Selena’s first solo album ever and it was number one over JayZ on bill board and also the fastest selling album of 2013. ‘Selena can’t sing’ ‘selena doesn’t have talent’ ‘selena looks like a kid and miley looks like a woman’. Oh Spring Breakers is trashy, why aren’t people judging selena like they do miley? When it’s a movie. She was acting. They look for any reason to hate on her and it honestly gets so fucking old it makes me wanna explode. I’m ranting now but you get my point. None of the shit they talk shit about is true. They just use the same old excuses… Oh miley makes more money than selena… Well cool life isn’t about money and selena made freaking 90 million last year and I’m pretty sure comparing millions to millions doesn’t really make a difference because they are both rich af. ‘Selena is a flop’…. Now how TF is Selena a flop when she sold out most of her tour, spring breakers was number 5 in box office which is phenomenal for a rates R indie movie that she didn’t even want to be big like that and her album was number 1 on billboard.. That was a lot I’m sorry but you wanted examples and once I started I couldn’t stop tbh